Designing Your Dream Bathroom

When designing your home, the bathroom isn't probably the first place that comes to mind. But for us, we love designing bathrooms. A highly functional and beautiful bathroom is the subtle difference that can make your morning and evening routine so much better.

Designing a bathroom is creative, fun and the possibilities are endless. Great bathroom design is the art of understanding your needs on a day-to-day basis, defining your vision and realizing your goals within the confines of your space and budget. From beautiful fixtures and mirrors, to unique tiles and luxurious finishes, there are so many options to choose from the possibilities are endless (and sometimes overwhelming!).

    Thinking of giving your bathroom a makeover? Here are some key questions to consider:

    • How do I want the bathroom to function and what do I want the bathroom to feel like – luxurious, spa-like, rustic, kid-friendly, contemporary?
    • What is the best layout to accommodate the individuals using the bathroom?
    • Do I need two sinks or one?
    • Do I need a bathtub? What type of tub do I want? Free-standing tub; drop-in tub; whirlpool tub?
    • How much storage do I need in the bathroom? Do I want to hide items like toothbrushes?
    • Do I want luxuries, like heated floors, a heated towel bar, steam shower, spa experience, music?
    • How much lighting do I need?
    • What type of flooring, countertops and wall finishes are best for me (consider cleaning and maintenance)?
    • Are there any accessibility requirements – think about the future, not just today?

    We hope these guiding questions give you a starting point for re-imagining the bathroom of your dreams.